Save the dates for the 2019 California Dirt MTB Series

Race 1: April 14
Race 2: May 5
Race 3: May 25
Race 4: June 23
Race 5: July 7

Thank you to all volunteers, participants, and support staff for the 2018 series!

Final CA Dirt Series Overall Results   |   Final USAC CA XC Championship Results

We have a new event name, California DIRT MTB Series, one of YBONC Foundation’s fundraisers to support programs for Nevada County school bike clubs.  And yes, Synergy Race Timing will be chip timing our series!  Another bonus, we have been selected again by USA Cycling to host the 2018 California MTB XC State Championship as a series.  Lots of time applying for what it takes to put on a series is happening such as permits, insurance, outreach to sponsors and volunteers, etc.  It all comes together on race day for our racers.  There will be a cash purse to the Pro classes.  Cash prizes will vary depending on class size/participation. Podium medals and a fee bundle package if you know you will race all race dates.


California Dirt Series

Race #1: April 21 & 22, 2018

The Sea Otter Classic XC Races

Your Sea Otter Classic XC Race *can* count toward the overall California Dirt MTB Series/State Championship. To add your points, riders must click on and follow the instructions below:
**Special Instructions (PDF)**

Race #2: April 29, 2018

Round Mountain, Nevada City, CA

California Dirt Series

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Race #3: May 20, 2018

Hoot Trail, Nevada City, CA

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Race #4: May 26, 2018

Susanville, CA

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Race #5: July 8, 2018

Sugar Bowl, Soda Springs, CA

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** Important Race Info [pdf] **

Registration Opens: 7am

Race start time:  See each race box above

USA Cycling Schedule of License Fees

Race Costs ¹ :

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  1. If you are not a USA Cycling license holder, we are required to charge a $10 fee for a day license. This is a required rule by USA Cycling as of 2014.
  2. $25 – One Day License, Cat 1 Expert , not available on Race Day check-in, required to purchase on-line at our USACycling event: >Click Here<
    1. Click on event : “CA MTB XC State Championships”
    2. Click on One-Day License selecting appropriate race date, and then takes you to Create a USAC account to apply for a One Day License for Cat 1 Expert/Experienced (One Day License for Cat 1 Expert will *not* qualify a rider for State or National, rider must hold an annual license, but is allowed for NCDirt Series racing)

Up to the Minute Race Info


Awards following races

Want to purchase an event jersey? Click here!

USACycling Mountain Bike Categories:

  • PRO: Professional
  • CAT 1: Expert / Semi Pro
  • CAT 2: Sport
  • CAT 3: Beginner

USA Cycling Rules Regarding Race Category

USA Cycling Rules Regarding National Championship(s) Qualifying

California Dirt MTB Series / USA Cycling CA State Championship Series
Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look to find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer here, then go
ahead and e-mail If you email first and the answer is here, we may not reply.

Can I race if I’m not from California?
Yes, just as a registered racer in California Dirt XC Series, we still are awarding top 3 podium spots with our locally
made California Dirt XC medals.

What are USACycling’s State Championship Winner requirements?
1. Must be a California resident * Must complete minimum of 2 races
2. Must hold a current annual USAC license (2018-$75 Adult/$40 Jr.) BEFORE racing in Race 5

What is a USA Cycling CA State Championship Series?
A USA Cycling MTB State (or Regional) Championship Series includes two or more events in which riders
accumulate points in discipline/class/category/age toward an overall total for the series. The highest ranking rider of
each discipline/class/category determines the USA Cycling State (or Regional) Championship winner.

How do I qualify for Nationals?
The top 15 riders in each category overall at end of series qualify for MTB Nationals and must hold an annual
racing license to register for nationals. If it is an “open” category (ex: Junior 10-14, Men 60+), they qualify to race at
nationals in whatever category is listed on their license as of December 31 of the current year.

Will I qualify for nationals with a one-day license?
You will qualify for Cat 2 or Cat 3, but you must purchase an annual racing license before registering for nationals.

Do I need to buy a USA Cycling license to race Cat 1?
Not necessarily. To race at an individual race in the CA Dirt MTB Series, you may race Cat 1 on a one-day license
($10), however you will not qualify for Cat 1 Nationals or be eligible for the national championships.

Registration says it’s open until 12 Midnight Pacific Daylight Time, prior Wed (or prior Thurs) of race day, and
it says it’s closed? What gives?
The registration service we use may be doing maintenance.

Why don’t you have a category for Cat 1 60+, etc.?
Our categories are based on past attendance. 2018 we have added more to correspond with Nationals. Although
they do occasionally change based on need, they are carefully analyzed to provide a fair distribution of distance and
ability while keeping costs and time involvement reasonable for the promoter. Very few people want to race in a
category by themselves.
We do retain the right to combine categories with less than 5 to match national
practices, but rarely do so. USA Cycling official on site will make the decision.

I couldn’t make a race I signed up for, can I get a refund or credit or transfer to another race?
Please send email with valid excuse to, for information on transfers or refunds. The series is a
fundraiser event to help YBONC Foundation programs that support our rural schools with bike clubs. We annually
engage youth to over 20 miles of trail stewardship projects on managed public and/or private trails (Forest Service,
BLM, Water District agency, State Parks and local land trusts). Proceeds from our events allow us to collaborate and
organize approximately 300 teens on mountain bikes on trails in Nevada County.

I missed the awards ceremony, can you mail me my medal, etc.?
If you know you are going to miss podium on RACE Day, complete an envelope on race day check-in with your
name, race plate no. and registered category. Medals will be consolidated and mailed after Race 5 – 07/08/18.

Can we do more/less laps for the (insert category here)?
In many cases, yes. If the entire group wants a change from what was advertised, this can be requested and
changed during the riders meeting. The promoter reserves the right to make a change or deny a request based on
course and weather conditions and/or rider safety. Decision to be made after discussion with USA Cycling official on
site. Decision announced at the racer pre-race meeting line up by category 10-15 minutes prior start times.

What are the requirements to upgrade categories?
Per USA Cycling, riders can “self select” Cat 3, or Cat 2.
To upgrade to Cat 1, riders should have at a minimum 2 top 5 finishes in events with the minimum category size.
Cat 3 or Cat 2 riders must upgrade after 5 top 5 finishes in minimum category sizes. Refer to the 2018 rulebook for
minimum class sizes for upgrade purposes. Upgrade and downgrade requests can be done with the USAC Official at
the race. (Note: This may not apply at other races outside of the California Dirt (XC) Series)

Is there a course map for races?
Yes there is if race is on public trails. If course map is not posted, there usually is an agreement with land managers
to reduce rider use conflicts. In those cases, maps/routes will be posted a few days to a week before the event, and
on Race Day near check-in booth.

When are results/series points/USAC rankings going to be posted?
In almost all cases, results will be posted to the USA Cycling’s race result website by midnight the day of the event.
USACycling official will be present to verify race day results before podium. Every effort will be made to keep series
point updated and results sent to USAC in a timely manner.

Recommended if you have a child racing Jr. 6 – 14 y.o. ?
We attempt to run a safe race for all participants. From past races we are seeing more confident junior racers on the
race course. The goal of a first time junior racing should be to complete his or her race, not necessarily make
podium. Winning however, standing on podium would be the icing on the cake!
If this is your child’s first race and
he/she is not confident racing yet, we request you bike along with your child for support so our sweep may continue
supporting the Jr. under 14 y.o. racing field on the course. We are not responsible for your child if he/she bonks and
decides to stop during the race. We are requesting parents not choose to race if his or her child is racing.
We cannot reach you if you are racing on the course, if your child needs you for support or a shuttle.

Each race venue will be parking volunteers to direct you where to park.  Parking is limit in a lot of our venues as they are old logging landings used as trailheads.  Parking fee goes toward volunteer lunches, port-a-potty rentals, misc. fees.  Please have cash ready as you arrive.  Carpool if possible.
Please email us at if you plan to bring a trailer or larger to accommodate you when you arrive.  Type in the email subject line:  Parking Request for MM/DD/2018 (change to your desired date(s))

US Forest Service Campgrounds: Skillman Campground, White Cloud Campground

Gold Miners Inn, Grass Valley

Outside Inn, Nevada City

Inn Town Campground, Nevada City

Scotts Flat Campground

More options in Grass Valley

More options in Nevada City

No one wishes to be preached to so please view this as one mountain bike community member to another. To continue the advancement of our sport, both in creating more trails to ride and more races on those trails, we all need to make an effort to care for those environments. The vultures are always waiting for us to slip up and take away our dirt. Please don’t give them a reason!!!

  • Carpool!
  • Pack-it-in and pack-it-out – and please, please use bathrooms or your own system – not on Mother Nature
  • Be prepared and bring your own water and supplies
  • Help keep our trails primo…Ride it, Don’t Slide It
  • Most importantly, race hard but ride friendly especially when encountering folks in other sports/activities

The CA Dirt MTB Series was born from the Nevada City Dirt Classic. The event originally began with the owners of Extreme Outfitters Bicycles, Charlie and Kim Cuisinot in the early 2000’s and YBONC resurrected it. This is a fundraiser series, benefiting Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County Foundation Programs for school bike club youths. Thank you to the Tahoe N.F. for permitting us this recreational event and at the same time helping us to support our mission.

2017 Dirt Classic Sponsors