Supporting Trail Stewardship

Nevada City School of the Arts Trail Project

A few years ago Nevada City School of The Arts contacted YBONC to help set up its own school bike club. We went out for a visit and a school bike club was established that year. When we saw the school grounds we said “OMG!” Our minds were blown by the large property and its terrain. There is a small existing loop and trail network but so much potential for a dream to come true ….. more trails and more kids on bikes!

Our team of professional volunteers got right to the heart of the project with planning and designing a network of high quality, sustainable trails. The plans are complete and now the reality is here: we are at the fundraising stage! WE NEED YOUR HELP to fund this project and raise $20,000 for equipment rental, contract, and trail tools for Nevada City School of the Arts school bike club. The beauty of this project? Bear Yuba Land Trust is working with the school to secure a trail easement so that the public has access to this trail forever!

“NCSA believes students should spend ample time outdoors doing physical activities in nature”
Holly Pettitt, School Director.

“Bear Yuba Land Trust (BYLT) strongly urges you to fund this project to expand access to trails for
youth in our community ….. BYLT supports the YBONC mission and trail projects for future generations”
Erin Tarr, BYLT Executive Director.

Gateway Bike Park

It’s finally happening! The Nevada County Planning Department approval has been received for the proposed Western Gateway Bike Park and now it is time to raise the funds needed to build this bike park. This is a community supported and community funded project that will be professionally designed and built. With the support of Western Gateway Park, businesses in our community, local non-profits, and YOU, we can make this idea come to life and with optimal build season approaching, the time is now. 

Past Projects


United Trails Day – New trail extension linking the Pioneer Trail/Skillman Campground to Omega Road

More than 90 volunteers from multiple user groups (equestrian, bike, hike, motorcycle, +) worked together to complete a new trail linking Omega Road to the Pioneer Trail near Skillman Campground off of Hwy 20 east of Nevada City. Read The Union article.

BONC-Grouse Fest – Project: Crooked Lakes Trail Re-Route.

After camping at Lyndsey Lake, we 4x4d in to upper Rock Lake and hiked to start of pin flagged marked trail.  This re-route takes trail to a beautiful vista point above Shotgun Lake. It was support of BONC’s effort to continue to improve the Grouse Ridge trail system. Check out the vid on the FS Facebook page.


Scott’s Flat Lake Trail Project, Finished Spring 2013

This USFS/NID trail project re-routed a user created trail with multi-user trail groups such as Bear Yuba Land Trust, Bicyclists of Nevada County, Forest Trails Alliance, and Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County Foundation. Trail will serve as a connector trail from NID’s Scott’s Flat Lake Campground to USFS Historical Pioneer Trail and vista points of Scott’s Flat Lake.

Thank you to Specialized for awarding YBONC their $4k grant for the Scott’s Flat Trail Project!
Crooked Lakes Area, Two Trail Section Re-Routes, Starts 09/15/12 (see attached map) :
This USFS trail project has two re-route sections, adjacent to Grouse Lakes Area.  Two designated spike camps for volunteers, one camp on north side of Upper Rock Lake, and the second camp on northeast side of Penner Lake.  Base camp is scheduled at PG&E group campsite in Bear Valley, near Bowman Lake Rd. and CA-20.  Once completed, this will make an awesome and improved trail loop for the Grouse Lakes area.  The same multi-user trail groups from the Scott’s Flat Project will be involved.
Unified Trails Work Day, Fall 2013:
This is organized by FS Recreation Dept, Yuba River Ranger District with many multi-user groups collaborating:
  • Bear Yuba Land Trust (Local Land Trust)
  • Bicyclists of Nevada County (Mountain Biking, Nevada County)
  • Gold Country Trails Council (Equestrian)
  • Nevada County Woods Riders (Motorcyclists)
  • Youth Bicyclistis of Nevada County Foundaion (Youth Mountain Biking)
    • Nevada Union High School MTB Team

View of Scotts Flat Reservoir

Scotts Flat Trail Project (formerly Scotts Drop)

We are excited to have participated in a multi organization alliance to reroute the old Scotts Drop Trail from the Pioneer Trail to Scotts Flat Reservoir. It is a 4+ mile multi-use (human powered) trail.

Map of Scotts Flat Trail (click for larger image)

Participating Organizations:

2011 Unified Trails Day

Trail Work Photos

This was a successful trail work day with 54 adults and 41 youths volunteering.   Re-route on Towle Mill Loop Trail, and trail maintenance on Hallelujah Trail.  Furthest volunteer traveled 120 miles.
Participating multi-user groups include:
  • Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC)
  • FATRAC (from Auburn & Sacramento)
  • Forest Trails Alliance (FTA)
  • Gold Country Trails Council (GCTC)
  • Nevada County Woods Riders
  • Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County Foundation (YBONC):
    • Nevada Union High School MTB Team
    • Union Hill Elementary MTB Club

2010 Loma Rica Ranch Trail System

YBONC won the 2011 Greenways Trail Award for our work on this system!

The Greenways Merit Award

The Greenways Merit Award

Loma Rica Ranch Trail Project was a complex project, involving City of Grass Valley, the private land owner, and multi-user groups.  A big “Thank You” to Forest Trails Alliance for donating trail construction time and equipment for cutting trail base and design, Ascent Construction, the land managment for allowing use to implement trails in Loma Rica Ranch designated open areas of development plan, and for all the volunteers of our many local trail user groups.  This was YBONC’s first Trail Stewardship Program project.  California Trails and Greenways Foundation presented 2010 merit awards to both FTA and YBONC organizations. It is on private land and only usable with permission.

Check out a video by Robert Lowe Photography during two 2010 workdays:


Some of our partners in building local trail:

  • Bear Yuba Land Trust
  • Bureau of Land Management Trail Support
  • Bicyclists of Nevada County
  • Gold Country Trails Council
  • Nevada Union High School Mountain Bike Team
  • Nevada Irrigation District
  • US Forest Service