$25 Flat Rate Membership

Why? Not only does your membership help us in providing nutrition, equipment, and training in cycling related programs for elementary and high school aged youth, you gain access to:

  • A $10 discount if you register with Reach/CalStar Air Ambulance through our group plan (details when you register with us). No one wants to be in a situation of being flown, but if you are, costs start at $25k.
  • As a registered USA Cycling Member, we offer their insurance during official YBONC supported programs and events
  • You are covered by our insurance when trail building/maintenance.
  • Members are invited to annual events as both a participant and/or a volunteer.
  • Access to Jet’s amazing cooking which includes but is not limited to: coconut shrimp, carnitas, soups, lemon bars, and blackberry cobbler.
  • We are one of the most efficient, money to action not-for-profit organizations you’ll ever join. 100% pure volunteer run (1000s of hours per year) + very low overhead.

Funding directly supports:


Our Community Events:

  • May: Nevada City Dirt (XC) Classic Series, 3 races
  • Sep: Grouse Fest (collaboration trail projects with FS and local trail organizations)
  • Oct: Take A Kid and Mom Mountain Biking and Bike Safety Rodeo
  • Oct: United Trails Day Project(collaboration trail projects w/ Nevada Co. Land Managers)
  • Nov: Womens MTB Skills Clinic & Camp


The success of a school bike club is parent and volunteer involvement, creating a model of physical fitness activity for youths, families, and communities. Engaging youths early on to physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle reduces later onset illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.

CDC-Center of Disease Control describes physical activity facts on youths:

CDC- Center of Disease Control describes parent engagement:

CDC-Center of Disease Control Youth Risks/Behavior Data and Statistics: